Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ooohh.. Shinyy!


I got my first blog award!

It's from Asif who blogs at That Guy from Karachi
Thank youu so much, Asif, you are awesome :D

If you aren't already following him, you should go check out his blog. it is awesome.

I wish to pass this award on to.. *drumroll*

AcetylCholine, from Critical Velocity
Her blog posts are funny, short, witty, and lots of fun to read. i get excited whenever her name comes up on my dashboard. :)

Nas, from Closing Pandora's Box
Here is another blogger who's posts i wait for anxiously. They're almost always really thought provoking and plain awesome. :D

Beyond Timid, from The Enigma's Hideout
A blogger blogging about her life, which just happens to be hilariously funny, and super awesome.

anndd Asif, from That Guy From Karachi
Yes, i know he gave me the award, but his blog rocks and i just had to re-award him.

ALSO, extra super special mention goes to Hamza Bin Ladin and Furree Katt, who i know you have heard of before, and are crazy if you haven't. They were awarded this very award a second ago so i won't.



It is the end of July, and it STILL has not rained. and if you are thinking "Hey, what about the rain two days ago?" I do NOT count that as rain.
That was a very sad excuse for rain.

I was at a friend's house when that sad excuse for rain started, and i got all excited and called my car to go home so that i could go play in the rain and properly get soaked, despite my friends' protests that i should stay and it would stop soon.

as soon as i stepped outside to get in the car, it stopped. I should have listened to my friends.

I was left rainless and friendless.

The next day, when I went on Facebook, there were tons of angry statuses about how the electricity had gone for hours after five minutes of rain. thank God this did not happen at my house, but then, the electricity goes 8 to 10 hours at my house everyday anyway.
It's awful.



  1. The rain stopped suddenly just as it had started. I was upstairs, and dusty winds were blowing and i was like OH EM GEE. i'm going to experience a dust storm! but suddenly something wet dropped on my shoulder and i was like oh god, please don't let it be crow shit. please please. Then i saw several other drops on the roof and OMG it's raining! but, the rains in karachi tend to disappoint us at times. bleh. oh and mubarakan for the award :D

  2. Omg. So...Many...Nice...Things...Going...To...Explode.
    This is like my 4th award in a week. Ahh thank you so much <3 You're awesome.

    And omg, atleast you got to see the rain :( Apparently, it didn't rain in Defence, but it was reaaally cloudy. Gah :(
    Omg, 8-10 hours? Shitt. Hope that goes well for you :/
    Have a great day :D

  3. That rain thing?

    I was like trying to take a nap when my brothers came all excitedly and woke me up cause of the rain. I forced myself outta bed and by the time I reahed my gallery it had stopped. :'(

  4. Congratulations on the award! You totally deserved it :D.
    And thank you ever so much for passing it on. I am honoured to receive it from such a lovely and awesome blogger as yourself :).

    I heard about the rain thing. Teaser rain as one friend called it.
    And the bijlee goes for 8 hours?! tauba.

    Take care!
    Stay smiling.

    I was stuck in the blog-awards-nonsense-post pf else I would have done it too=D

    It rained for 10 whole minutes down here at my place, and I LIKED IT. You know, something is ALOT better than nothing.
    *Sounded like a pure optimist didn't I?*

    And It drizzled a lot last night. So, I am pretty hopeful we'll have cats and dogs falling upon us this week very very soon.
    *Fingers crossed*.

    You deserved the award!
    And it's so SWEET of you to mention me!
    Your blog is surely one of MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITES! ♥

    PS- In a picture you posted previously, the one with the goat your hair look "normal". I remember you saying that your hair had turned yellow or something?
    *Blank look*
    You can call me a stalker for this=D

    PSSS:- I want to be Freinddzzzzzzzz with you too! I don't use facebook that much, you can mail me if you like to!! @

  6. Thank you, Vice! I love you. <3

    And HAHAHAHAHAHA. You poor karachi kids. =P We haz too much of rainz here. ^^

  7. Have you disappeared on another holiday? I miss thy postings!

  8. @Me: haha many times i have mistaken rain for crow shit as well. and screamed like the little girl i am. :p
    we got rain now at least. such beautiful mausam for eid. :D

    @Guy From Karachi: :)
    haha thats ONE advantage of not living in defence. :p

    The light only went three hours in ramzaan. I hope it doesnt start going again after eid.

    @ezazi: That must've been upsetting. losing sleep for fake rain. at least we got real rain now. :D

    @nas: :D
    In Ramzaan, the bijlee went much less. and no loadshedding in eid. :D
    im dreading after eid.

    @Hamza Bin ladin: I'm sorry about the whole not replying to the email thing!! I really truly am. Forgive me?

    haha maybe it didnt show in those pictures, but my hair is still very yellow at the ends, and i still get teased for it. I would get it dyed back, but i'm lazy.

  9. @Acetyl Choline:i love you too!
    and we gotz rain here too :D

    @nas: hi :)
    i dont know if im going to post a post right now, because that depends on if i'm awake enough to actually finish a post, and if i'm not,then i dont know if i'll finish it later. my brain has been revolting against me lately.


    Yeah. And I love Nas and Furree Katt! I follow them :)