Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I am such a... Thing. I don't even know what to call myself.
I don't want to apply to universities that only ask for school records, and no other personal things, because it's like they don't care about anything but grades. However, all the universities i am applying to that DO require all this stuff, I complain about, because I DON"T want to do the gazillions of essays. Kill me.

Also, I am going to Hell.
Today, I was talking to my mum about whether or not I actually exist, or whether anybody actually exists, and getting all philosophical, and then I accidentally said something that made God angry. I couldn't help saying it. I was THINKING it, and i can't control what my mouth says. And my mum told me I shouldn't say stuff like that. But after I said it, my brain started thinking MORE about it. I tried to stop thinking about it by thinking about Harry Potter, but it didn't really work. And then God decided to punish me by making me bite my tongue really really hard while I was eating my grapefruit, so every time I ate anything for the rest of the day it stung. It's not as bad as the time I bit my tongue so hard it started to bleed, but still.

I deserve to be struck my lightning.

Oh haan, I said I was going to write about the dog biting me, and i was going to make it all dramatic and stuff, but I've told the story so many times now I've gotten sick of it.
Basically, There was this crazy evil mother dog in the park, and I made the mistake of saying "where did the cute puppies go?" and it heard me and it started growling at me as i crossed her and the chased after me and tried to bite me but bit my shalwaar instead which i didn't notice until after I got home cuz my kurta was really long, but it didn't break skin. after i got home from school, I had to go somewhere else and then a shaadi, and then i went to sleep and then my mum woke me up in the middle of the night freaking out about it and took me to the ER and I had to get a tetanus shot and a rabies shot an then I had to keep going back to get a bazillion more rabies shots. They hurt.

And now I'm scared to death of the dog.
i passed her again and she growled at me. I nearly peed my pants. and then when I went again, I SWEAR she was following me around, trying to be sneaky. My dad says I'm being over dramatic, But I'm NOT going there again. 

Friday, 25 November 2011


Today, I feel like writing. So today, I will write another chapter. Hopefully, I will finish it before the light goes. Because i don't know how long this writing feeling will last for. I have an English Language exam tomorrow, so I will call this practicing when my parents ask me what i am still doing on the computer. I should be writing my personal statement, but I REALLY want to write another chapter.

Oh, and I've decided that NaNoWriMo is IMPOSSIBLE in November. So I will hold my own NaNoWriMo in July. Who's with me?

In my next blog post, I will tell you about how I got (almost) bitten by a stray dog. And I will whine about how traumatic that was for me. But today I'm going to go finish that chapter.