Friday, 25 November 2011


Today, I feel like writing. So today, I will write another chapter. Hopefully, I will finish it before the light goes. Because i don't know how long this writing feeling will last for. I have an English Language exam tomorrow, so I will call this practicing when my parents ask me what i am still doing on the computer. I should be writing my personal statement, but I REALLY want to write another chapter.

Oh, and I've decided that NaNoWriMo is IMPOSSIBLE in November. So I will hold my own NaNoWriMo in July. Who's with me?

In my next blog post, I will tell you about how I got (almost) bitten by a stray dog. And I will whine about how traumatic that was for me. But today I'm going to go finish that chapter.


  1. I have my exams too in november. Ohhh. naaheeee. it is not impossible. i managed to write 18000 words during my exams. but i am quitting now. bleh.

  2. Thank heavens you evaded its bite! You are among the fittest who survive.

  3. :O! DOG!

  4. Best of luck with the English exam!

    And I wanna read the storrrrrrrry and see your amazing doodles in it too.

    Hope you're well Ulti Pulti

    Stay smiling.

  5. Me: Wow, that's super impressive. Congratulations! :D
    Just continue later n your own. Or join my July wala :p

    Gorilla Bananas: *Flexes biceps*

    Ovais: OUCH. That must've hurt. Both physically and emotionally.

    Furree: I missed you too! <3 <3

    Nas: I don't think the luck helped much. I wrote the most boring story ever about a girl who kept walking in the forest. She kept walking for about 800 words, and then she got eaten. My brain wasn't working very well. But thanks anyway. :)
    LOLOL that story doesn't have any pictures in it. just words.
    :D <-- that super big smile id just for you.

    AcetylCholine: I'm sorry! Bus batao kya banaoon aur main bana loon gi.
    waisay mujhay samajh nahin aaata keh aap aur Nas ko yeh tasweerain itni pasand kyun hain. itni bhi koi khaas tou nahin hain.

  6. Some people like staring at the stars. Some people like staring at birds. Some people like staring at plants or insects. Everyone thinks their likes are 'khaas baat'. Which is why I think your tasweerain are pretty khaaas ;).

    You get me?