Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I whip my hair back and forth

Hi  :)
Do you remember me? Probably not, but that's okay. It's my fault, forgive me.

Oh and if you've commented on my previous posts, thank you, especially to the people who have given me university advice. It is greatly appreciated.
I don't have time to be writing this, but i'm procrastinating.

Guess Karo.

Okay, you suck at guessing, I'll tell you.
I sang.
No not in the shower, i do that anyway. I mean proper wala. On a stage. With a mic. In front of a bunch of people.

I had never even spoken into a mic before let alone sang in one.
I had my eyes closed for most of the time though.  :p
But still. i was on a STAGE.

Rehearsals before that were for two weeks. so for two weeks, i stayed back at school till eight or six, so i couldn't do anything when i got home but sleep.

then the day before the final singing day (friday), i saw the notice on the board that said UCAS applications were due by the next week, and i freaked out, because i hadn't even started my personal statement.
on saturday, i decided i wasn't applying to the UK anymore and i was super relieved.
then on Sunday, i decided i DID want to apply to the UK and i started freaking out and wrote my (super crappy) personal statement in two hours. i then sent it to my teacher, who fixed it a bit, and said it had the potential to be great but was just mediocre right now.
So now i have to fix that.
i think i'll just send it as it is.
But then i won't get in anywhere and i'll be sad. 

I haven't even started thinking abut my America/Canada applications yet. this will be done on Friday then i'll move on to my US kay forms. hopefully.

And i have my SAT in a couple of weeks. Haven't started studying for that. Because i'm an idiot. 

Did you notice the sudden change in weather? i woke up this morning and i was COLD. Thanda wala cold.
and it's really dry. It smells like winter. :) I love it.

OH and i got my hair cut, which is why it looks so short in that drawing above. Its super short. just barely touching my neck type. It was insanely strange at first, and my hand kept going up to my head to feel it, but i',m used to it now. The comments on my hair when i went to school were ridiculous though. they ranged from "you look like a Shi tzu" to "if you dyed your hair, it would look like Marilyn Monroe's hair" to "It brings out your personality. it's very cat like."

I didn't know my personality was cat like. I prefer dogs. Not that i would like to be told i look like one, even if it's a cute dog. (refer to Shi Tzu comment)

Positives about my hair:
It takes a quarter of the time it used to take to shampoo and condition
It takes an eighth of the time it used to take to dry
I don't need to brush it anymore
Its really fun to whip it back and forth ;p
My head feels lighter.