My Bucket List

1. Write a novel/ at least finish my Fictionpress story.

2. Complete NaNoWriMo. (Practically the same as 1)

3. Go Scuba Diving.

4. Go Bungee Jumping.

5. Go Sky Diving.

6. Learn Spanish.

7. Suck in Helium from a balloon.

8. Eat a S'more.

9. Own and wear a sombrero

10. Own and wear a pair of clogs.

11. Own a Harry Potter wand.

12. Get magic powers.

13. Learn Sign Language.

14. Feed a donkey a carrot.

15. Save someone.

16. Faint.

17. Teleport.

18. Fly with a jetpack.

19. Paint a wall.

20. Finish reading a translation of the whole Quran.

21. Go for Umrah.

22. And Hajj.

23. Build a proper snowman with a carrot nose, coal eyes, and a scarf.

23. Learn to do the flippy things gymnasts can do.

24. Get into University.

25. Get a degree.

26. Do a Masters and a PhD.

27. Become a psychologist.

28. Get Over 25 reviews on a Fictionpress story.

29. Float in the Dead Sea.

30. Learn how to fence.

31. Learn how to ride a horse properly.

32. Sing on stage once more.


  1. You drawings are AMAZING! <3

    Have I ever told you that before? Koi baat nahi, I'll tell you again :)


    ^Yeh cheez.