Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fundoos, Shundoos

In my sister's Islamiyat class, they were studying Hadiths, and the teacher started off on a tangent about the Christmas party they had had in school. She said it was un-Islamic and who ever had gone was not a true Muslim. She said she was so glad she hadn't gone, although her "faith was not complete" because she hadn't stopped it.
A few of the kids in the class protested, saying that Hazrat Isa was a Prophet too, and it's just celebrating his birth, but she said that it's wrong because we're not Christians, and we don't believe Hazrat Isa is God.
It's just a party for crying out loud!
Then someone else said that there are Christians in this school, too.
She replied that we should hate all non Muslims, and if we can't express our hatred out loud, then we should keep our hatred for them in our hearts.

When my sister told me this, I just felt... FDKGKLDFMKDKKNVBJSDFAWERLJF BAKJDFGL .
What is wrong with her, saying stuff like that to kids?
Islam teaches TOLERANCE, not hatred.
She is exactly the type of person that gives all Muslims a bad name.

I told my mum to complain to the principal, and she just did.
I hope she gets fired.


On a slightly happier note, i'm going to Bangladesh tomorrow!
there's this round Square Conference thing and a couple of my friends and I are going from my school.
I'm excited for it :D
But I haven't packed still.
I hardly have anytime to pack.
But procrastinating is what I'm best at, and I hate packing.