Sunday, 24 July 2011


I am very sad.
I have such a meaningless existence.
especially now that the TCF summer camp has ended. i was volunteering for it for three weeks. actually it was more like two and a half because all of the strikes and the city's halaat.

I think the TCF thing was one of the best experiences of my whole entire life.
i love those kids. they're so friendly and nice and eager to learn and hyper. very very hyper. it's close to impossible getting them to sit down after break.
I taught grade five, and it was SO much fun.
each class had to put on a play at the end of each week, and they were all super eager for a part.
they were pretty good at acting, too.

This is my class singing/reciting labpe aati hai dua

Kachwa aur khargosh (the tortoise and the hare)
They insisted on having masks to wear.
they loved helping make them, too.

They all LOVED ludo.

at the end of the day, there was always time for games, and then all the kids from every class would run downstairs in the ground area. they would all -even the grade three kids- then start pulling my arms in every direction, trying to get me to be in their team. i'm surprised my arms are still fixed in their sockets. it's strange that they only did that to me and one other person. no one else. its like they knew i couldn't scold them.
they wouldn't stop until i threatened them i wouldn't play anymore or found another volunteer willing to play to be in the other team, or decided to play a game without  teams.
there were a couple who hung on to me anyway, even if we weren't playing a game.

On the last days, a lot of the kids came up to me to give me cards, even from other classes. I felt loved.
most of them also insisted of me giving them my cell phone number, but i never expected them to call me, but yesterday, one of the girls from my class called me saying that she missed me. That made me happy for the whole entire day.
Aargh i just want to eat her!

the twins :)

OMG I miss them so much.
I am definitely volunteering for this again next year.


My whole entire life, i have hated peaches. loathed them. i couldn't even stand the smell of them. i even hated peach scented perfumes.

yesterday, my mum decided to force feed me a peach. initially, i was horrified, then revolted.
i protested loudly, but to no avail. the peach was forced into my mouth.

the first bite, i was determined to hate it, so i put on a this-is-really-difficult-for-me face, and swallowed it quickly.
the second bite, i realised, half way through the chewing, that it really wasn't as bad as i was making it out to be all my life.
the third bite, i actually started enjoying it. 

I still can't believe it. I actually LIKE peaches.

and then today, with new found bravery, i tried a plum. I LIKED THAT TOO.
this is all very strange.

i tried carrots again too, but i still can't bring myself to like them.


It's odd but somewhat ironic that in this day and age, people are more scared to get on a plane with me - not because I'll suck their blood, no, but because I might blow the plane up. Oh, well.

Click on the above link and read it. It is HILARIOUS.

Post Script: I have realised i hate being called Vice Versa. i just don't feel like it sounds like me.
what kind of a name do you think would suit me?


  1. What? I LOVE PEACHES.
    And I luff your doodle of the peach-eating thing. The first expression is awesome.
    Why ARE you called Vice-Versa anyway?

  2. I think you should change your name to Peachy Plum.

  3. Ew I hate peaches:O
    But after your post, I might consider eating some :)
    Like your blog. check out mine?

  4. Awww, the kids ARE SO CUTE.
    (Though they don't look like identical)

    Oh god, I want to volunteer too. As a teacher. =O

    Peaches? They are scrumptiously-tasty-fied when they are sprinkled with black pepper.

    The linked post was SOO HILARIOUSLY EFFING FUNNY!

    . "And your shirt! All covered in blood that Tide Super Plus can't get out! Say good bye to Real Madrid, I can tell you that."


    What's wrong with Vice Versa?
    And why were you called Vice Versa in the first place?

  5. Anoher awesome post!
    Kids are great! if you know how to get along with them.

    Peaches are okay. :P But your drawings of them; AMAZING! LOL!

    I like carrots!

    When I first read Vice Versa, I thought of Ulta pulta.But thinking of names takes me a LONG time. 8-)

    Hope all is well.

  6. wow. i'm sure your experience must have been wonderful. LOOK AT THOSE KIDS! ♥ they are adorable.
    children are just so wonderful.

    and OMG PEACHES. i love them. they're so yummy!
    at first, many years ago, i wasn't too partial with their fuzzy skin. BUT OMG THEY ARE DELICIOUS.

    and. EMAIL ME!

  7. You should start calling yourself "Similarly"


    Again, amazing doodles.
    Btw, why dont you use your real name? What is itt? Or, you could use PaintPro.

    You're cool mann, make fraaanship?
    Add me on Facebook! :D

  9. Aww the kids love you! <3 Fifth graders are the best. I used to think that Labpe Aati Hai Dua was a song (I never lived in Pakistan). Haha.
    I love peaches! :O But that's probably because the state I live in is renowned for its peaches. I guess they taste different in Pakistan. I know this because there's a HUGE difference between a Mexican mango (a lot of produce here comes from Mexico) and a Pakistani mango. I gagged at how sour the Mexican one was.

  10. P.S. I read some of the story. Isn't drinking blood haraam? Haha. XD

  11. @AcetylCholine: well.. i like em too, now. :p
    thaankss <3
    and it was just a whatever-word-pops-into-my-head type thing.

    @Gorilla Bananas: I only just started liking the fruit. I don't think i'm ready for such a big commitment as naming myself after them yet.

    @cricketfreak: haha you should, they're really not that bad.
    and thanks, i will :)

    @Maryam: and i like em. :p

    @Hamza Bin Ladin: HAI NA?
    they looked exactly identical in real life, but not in pictures. dunno why.

    you should, next year. we'll volunteer together :)

    Black pepper? hmm i'll try that next time i eat a peach.

    Isn't it just? For some reason, Ali reminded me a lot of you the first time I read it.

    whatever word popped into my head, i typed. i didn't really put a lot of thought into it.

    @Nas: thenks :)
    i'm pretty good with kids, I don't get why some people dislike them so much.

    carrots? eww :p

    haha I actually really like Ulta Pulta. :D

    @Furree Katt: I agree. children are so much fun, too :D

    I know, i was put off by the fuzzy skin initially, too. it kinda grossed me out :p

    I WILL :D

    @uglyduckling91: But i don't like similarly.

    @Guy From Karachi: what sentence?

    i had decided when i started the blog that i would not use my real name, in case someone from my real life found me, because this is my private blog, which is only readable by people i have never met before. :p

    haha suree, i will :D

    @Beyond Timid: I think it's a song, too, but i think it's a dua-song. or something. i'm not really sure.
    haha i've never tasted a foreign peach, so i wouldn't know, but nothing beats Pakistani mangoes :D

    I love that story :D

  12. Hahah ooh okay :P
    This is funny - 'It's odd but somewhat ironic that in this day and age, people are more scared to get on a plane with me - not because I'll suck their blood, no, but because I might blow the plane up. Oh, well.'