Monday, 23 May 2011

My Blog Is Carbon Neutral!

Because I got a tree planted for it!

This one marvelous tree of mine will erase my blog's carbon foot print for 50 years. That means I can blog without worrying about the environment until I'm almost 68!

I feel like I'm actually doing something good for the world, like Captain Planet.

They were the awesomest.

I hope my tree will grow up to one of those huge ones with the vines and the leaves drooping down, and it's huge roots growing out of the ground, like the one in Pocahontas.
And climbable, too. 
that's my ideal tree.

Tree Hugging


  1. Captain Planet <3

    I really don't understand how this works. Seen the badge on countless blogs recently. My laziness doesn't allow me to read up on it and find out.

    ps: I want skittles wali double scoop this time. Last time Nas got lucky.

  2. @ Acetyl Choline: haha, I really didn't understand either, but then i clicked on the link someone posted, and sort of understood, and it's a good cause, so why not, right?
    although it took me forever trying to figure out how to get the button in there. about an hour later, i figured it out, without any help. i was very proud of myself.
    kar lo, ziada der nahin lagti hai.

    you didn't like the chocolate fudge brownie? :(
    it's okay, i'll give you a QUADRUPLE scoop chocolate cone with skittles AND a kitkat bar stuck in it.
    cuz I like ya :)

  3. One thing that really stuck out was the tree hugging girl. Either she's Mrs Hagrid, or the tree is a midget. 8-).

    I like brownies ^_^ *hint hint*


  4. @ nas: that giant girl symbolizes my dream of one day becoming tall.

    brownies are truly awesome.I don't know why Acetyl Choline doesn't like them. so very strange of her.
    you can have all the brownies you like. without nuts, cuz nuts in brownies are gross.

  5. Captain Planet ....Ahh....

    And yea the girl hugging tree must be Madame Olympe Maxime,or the tree's a midget.LOL.
    And hey need a chocolate fudge brownie TOO !!!!!!!!

  6. @ Hamza bin laden: I'd rather be Mrs hagrid than Olympe maxime. i love Hagrid.
    Sorryyy!! I gave that last of them to Nas!
    But you can have a giant molten chocolate cake, with Malteasers on top :)