Sunday, 15 May 2011

Existential Ice-cream.

I have a math exam tomorrow. Mechanics. I am pretty good at it, only my last couple of exams went so bad I may have developed a phobia of exam rooms.

The first math exam I had, I was like pfft this'll be EASYY and i left home all happy. Only, when i reached the door, I had a bad feeling. I din't want to go in, but eventually a friend managed to shove me in  convince me.
then i found out that I was sitting in the very back of the class. this was not a good omen, either. I hate sitting at the back. cuz it's harder to see, and when I can't see properly, for some reason, i feel like i can't hear properly either, and this this giant comes and sits in front of me. I do not appreciate tall people sitting in front of me. i know it's not a movie or anything, but I don't like my vision being any more restricted than it already is.
AND, the invigilator was mean.

Mean old people are intimidating.

and then , i saw the paper and i thought, wow, this is easy. but by the time i got to question 8, i had very little time left, and the rest of them were DIFFICULT. i must have gotten around 20 marks wrong :(

And then, for my psych exam, I actually had a GOOD feeling, and i sat in the middle of the class, and the invigilator was nice and the paper was easy-ish. but i got so happy that i completely relaxed and I didn't finish the paper.

I was depressed for a while after that. I hope tomorrow won't be as bad.

I think I'm in the middle of an existential crisis. 
I would rant more about it here, about how depressed I am, and how i'm completely worthless, but i just had a giant conversation with a friend about it and feel slightly better, although it's still not letting me study as much as i ought, but then again, i might just be blaming my own laziness on something else.

I really want to see a psychiatrist. a proper one, like an old man with a white beard. 
but when i told my mum, she laughed, and my dad said okay, but he didn't really mean it. or if he did, he's not gonna find me one.
I think i'm gonna have to do the research myself. 

Sometimes, I pretend that i'm talking to a psychiatrist, (called Doug) and i just say whatever to him. it actually helps you feel better.
"Am I mad?"
"Yes. But i'll tell you a secret. All the best people are."

In other, less sad news,
the funniest thing happened today. It actually made me stop being so sad, I laughed so hard.

my dad came in holding a pair of my pants, and asked me if they were mine.
"yep. why?"
"they were in my cupboard, and I wore them."
"wait, you wore them?"
"haan, i thought they were mine. I was wondering why they were so tight all of a sudden"
"they fit you?"
"not really. they were very tight. I wondered how I had grown so fat all of a sudden"

In my dad's defense, those pants are Very baggy for me, and I have to use a belt to stop them falling down to my knees. But my father is also very very thin.
Dats ma Dad.

I hate going to the park on Sundays. There's WAY too many people. I hate people.
But I went today anyway, to walk. I hadn't in a while.

you know what I love about walking? The music. Once I put in those ear phones, I drown out everything else, and just listen to the music. it's so peaceful.

This is my current favourite. I love the beginning music, I wouldn't mind listening to JUST that for the entirity of the song, but the rest of the song is really good too.

This is my soon to be obsession. i just heard it a couple of hours ago and i love it. The girl singing it is only 14! she's amazing. I prefer this cover to the original.

And this is the song I was obsessed with before:

Alsoo, I love this one. I makes me happy:

Why can't I ever find a pair of matching socks?

I watched Toy Story 3 yesterday! Finally.
It was Brilliant. Wonderful. Amazing. Fantastic. Good, even.
I laughed, and I laughed, and I screamed when the fuzzy pink bear came,( I don't like fuzzy pink things) and I screamed some more at the scary bits (Yes, I'm a chicken.). And then, at the very end, I cried and I cried. I couldn't help myself, it was just so sad.
I ignored my sister telling me I should be sent to a mental institution. Just because she's got the emotional range of Ronald Weasley. (even though i do love him).

A teaspoon

Today, I ate a whole half  tub ice-cream. I only stopped because my sister exclaimed. I hadn't even noticed I had eaten so much.

Rickshaw quote of the day:

"Pappu Yaar Tang Na Ker!"


  1. LOL.

    The sketch of the old person was priceless.

  2. Ha ha ha emotional range of Ron a teaspoon..:D
    Ice cream! A tub a day is official.And it's compulsory in Karachi Summers!
    Loved ur Dad's beard.

  3. Reminds me of the time I went to give my Grade 12th exams. One of my invigilators literally slept through the exam and the other just kept eating bananas. Whattey fun.

    The pants-change thing is hilarious. My dad is skinny too but thankfully, we have never had to exchange pants.

    I LOVE YOUR POSTS. Where have you been hiding all these years? ^^

  4. Exams suck. In one of my exams that I just had, my nose was running faster than Niagra falls. I kept taking out a tissue and wiping it, that one of the invigilators thought I was sniffing drugs 8-).

    Mechanics...ah memories 8-). The only thing I remember from mechanics is g=9.8, and f=ma, oreeeee s=ut +half atsquared. 8-).

    Anyway, I hope your exam today went well, and that there were no dragon fanged ladies prowling about. :P.

    And you're a Harry Potter fan ;). I remember that line :P.

    Take care!
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  5. @ Lemons Don't Make Lemonade: haha thank youu :)

    @Hamza Bin Laden: Harry Potter references FTW!
    and you're right. it is a necessity. I'd melt without it.

    @AcetylCholine: Haha, I love nice invigilators.
    i had one for my practical exam, and before and after the exam, when i would talk to my friend, he'd tell me not to, an i'd smile at him, then i'd start talking again a little while later. He never said anything other than that. We had to sit there for an awfully long time, though. I don't know why they torture us like that.
    and thank youu :)you're pretty awesome, yourself.
    here, have a chocolate fudge brownie.

    @Nas: Hahaha! did they actually come up to you and ask you about it? I can picture it happening, and even in my head, it's hilarious.
    the reason I love mechanics is because those two formulas and a couple more are all you need to know. it's so easy.
    and my exam actually went good, thanks for asking :) it was the first one that i wasn't practically crying over after it was done.

    Harry Potter, Malteasers, and The Big Bang Theory are some of the best things to happen to our planet in a long time.

    thank you also! here, have a triple scoop chocolate icecream with rainbow sprinkles and skittles on top. :)

  6. Haha yeah, the man came up to me and goes, "you've been repeatedly wiping your nose, are you sure there's nothing in them?"

    I replied by saying, "You can take them and check for yourself". 8-)

    I used to be good at maths aik zamanay main. But it was all the core maths, calculus, and all that which I could do. Sucked at stats. Mechanics was alright. You're right, there were about 5 formulas which you had to know and the rest was simple(ish).

    Thanks for the ice-cream! I think it must've got stuck in my modem, as it hasn't come out yet :(.

  7. :D

    ^That was how my face looked for the majority of this post. YOU ROCK.

    First of all, let me just say that the pants story with your father made me laugh like crazy. I don't even know why I found it so funny. It just...was.


    Also, I love the song Price Tag!

    And Toy Story 3? AMAZING. Don't worry; I cried in that, too.

  8. I want to cry. i wrote such long replies and I clicked something and it went away. :(

    @Nas: I LOLd at your story, and my sister looked at me funny. :p
    I have to do stats next year,and i'm not looking forward to it. i suck at it, too.

    Pesky modems never work when you need them to.
    you can salivate over this picture while you wait:

    @Eeshie: What an incredible coincidence, that's exactly how my face looked when i read your comment!
    thaank youu :) You rock, too! Even more than Stonehenge. (geddit? :p)