Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Jogging Aglets.

Did you know the little plastic bit at the end of your shoelace is called an aglet?
I learnt that from being forced to watch Phineas and Ferb by my sister.
I hate that show.
These two.

But Isn't she too old to be watching it? she's about to be 14. If she has to watch cartoons, why can't she watch the GOOD ones, like the Dexter's Laborotory, Captain Planet, Looney Tunes or The Finstones?
(Not The Jetsons, I've always hated that show, although i thought is was funny that it always came on right after the Flinstones.

I love my shoes. No, not the fancy high heeled kind. I mean my joggers. They're Puma and slightly worn down but I love them. For some reason, I don't have much luck with fancy shoes. Even if they are flats.
I think I wear them wrong. (is it possible to wear fancy slippers wrong?) Mine always break. or something bad happens to them. So I always wear flipflops or sneakers. 
Once, a relatively new friend of mine who didnt know of my nice-shoe curse looked down at my feet and asked me when my birthday was.
"September, why?"
"Cuz you're always wearing rubber kay chappal. I'll buy you nice shoes for your birthday."
"Ha. don't bother. they'll just die."

I like my Bata chappals the best cuz they're the comfiest.

My converse and my Puma shoes are second best, because it feels nice to let your toes feel free.

My Puma shoes and I have been through a lot together. For the past year (I think?) I've been trying to go powerwalk almost everyday. 
I'm a pretty good power walker. I can power walk with the best of them. Okay, that's a lie, but that's only because I'm so much shorter than everybody else. if they were as short as me, I would SO beat them.

Jogging, however, is a completely different story. like 1984 and Hansel and Gretel.

Jogging is torture. 

Last summer, i went to America to visit my cousins, who said that they wake up early in the morning to power-walk. I decided to go with them. That path was gorgeous. scenic, with a bazillion trees everywhere. Nothing like that in Karachi. i was JELL-US. next to my house there's a teeny little park thats a bit over 200m in circumference, which is the walking area. there's bigger parks elsewhere but they're far from my abode.
I shouldn't be complaining though, we didn't even have the tiny little park a few years ago.
I digress.

So my cousins power-walked and I power-walked alongside them, even though they are (obviously) taller than me. Then, to my horror, and dismay, they started JOGGING. 
It couldn't be a shard as I was making it out to be, i scolded my self, and so i decided to attempt this jogging thing, too. 
About half a minute into it:
"I can't breathe! need.. water. I'm gonna die. pleaseee stooppp!"
I really wished that this applied then.

Passerbys stared, and my cousins, being the loving family that they are, told me to stop the dramay and went on ahead of me. I had to sit down.

And that's why I've been so apprehensive of jogging.

My family and I are going on a hiking trip this summer, to some place in the northern areas. It's supposed to be a really difficult hike and i'm really excited for it, too. I decided about a month ago, that i need to build up my stamina, because a couple of rounds of power-walking doesn't really equivilate (is that a word?) to a couple of days of hiking.

So i decided to start -- wait for it-- Jogging.

Everyday for a few weeks i put it off, saying I would start jogging the next day, but then a couple of days ago, i decided to just start. It couldn't possibly be as worse as i was imagining it. It was all just over dramatized in my head.
So, after much drama and deliberation in my head, I began.

first 10 seconds:  this isn't so bad. i knew I was making a big deal out of nothing.

15 seconds: uhh.. are my ankles aupposed to hurt?

20 seconds: I can feel my insides being jostled around

25 seconds: It BURNSS! 

35 seconds: Intense stitch in side.

40 seconds: i can feel my lungs constricting.

45 seconds: Can't breathheee. *gasping for air*

50 seconds: intense pain under ribcage. whats under the rib cage? OhmyGod! my lungs! my lungs are collapsing!

55 seconds: over dramatized painful jogging. Can't.. Do.. Any.. More.

60 seconds: stop.  laboured breathing.

next 2 minutes:  walking another round slowly, huffing and puffing more than the big bad wolf.. Old man over-takes me.

how I look after jogging.

My goal is to be able to do five minutes a jogging continuously.

Rickshaw quote of the day:

" Sawari labbay na labbay, Speed aik so nabbay (190)"


  1. ha ha ha loved the Rickshaw quote..!
    Made me LOL so hard.Realli.

    And I'm honoured to be your follower Number 2!~

  2. I LOVE PHINEAS AND FERB O.O i watch it occasionally, and i'm seventeen.
    and i learnt 'aglet' from Archie Comics.
    oooh converse! i only own converse, believe it or not. my entire family disapproves. i can walk awesomely in my mum's heels, though. B)
    LOL i can't remember the last time i jogged /walked-for-my-fitness.
    that picture of yours. *stares* WHAT IS IT?!

  3. @ Hamza Bin Laden: haha it made me LOL pretty hard, too :)
    and thank you, I'm honoured you're honoured

    @Furree Kat: Cartoons are good, but only the old ones. from our zamaana. I don't like the new ones. I miss the old cartoons So much. I don't even remember the last time Captain Planet came on tv.
    This includes Disney shows. I can't stand Hannah Montana type shows, they just can't be compared to That's So Raven.
    I've only worn heels thrice, at farewells, and I wobbled dangerously and had to hold on to someone else every time I got up.
    I go a little overboard with the editing of pictures sometimes. Then I scribble all over it. I can't help it! it's fun.