Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Since the second grade, I have worn glasses.
The first pair that I ever wore were pink, plastic, round owl type ones, with a green and black string thingy attached to wear around my neck.
I look so funny in those pictures.

Last summer, I got contacts. it is difficult to get contacts for my type of eye defect, so america say lainay paray.
very excited, I was.
I started to wear them every day.

I go to a different school than i did last year, so most of the new people i'm friends with had not ever seen me in glasses.

now during the exams, when i have only slept 4 hours the previous night, and i'm all stressed that I don't remember the formula for finding the grating spacing in a diffraction experiment, the last thing i want to do is shove a little piece of plastic into my eyes, especially when they're only half open anyway.

when i reached the exam venue, i immediately went up to one of my old friends.
she looked at me and started laughing.

me: kya hai?
her: hahaha.. nothing.. its just.. hahaaha... i haven't seen you..hahahah.. wear glasses in SO LONG. HAHAHA
me: err..

then a new friend:

" Oh my God, you wear glasses? you look like such a NERD!"

another friend:

"they make you look smart. HAHAHA."


" Dude, take your glasses off, please, your eyes look SO huge in them. You look so weird.'

yet another:

" You look so funny! like a funny looking cartoon character" 
Why, thank you, I've always wanted to look like a funny looking cartoon character.

one more:

"hmm.. i think they make you look smarter.. more mature."
I've never in my life, EVER been called mature.

the general reaction from the others was either laughing, or telling me what a nerd i looked like, or both.
and then there was the small minority of friends who didn't comment.

Is there really SUCH a drastic change with a single piece of eye wear?

Did I really look that awful the rest of my life, then?

Maybe i should stick to my contacts, i don't like suits.


  1. LOL your drawings are too cute!
    i think it's really mean of your friends to comment so rudely :O i'm pretty sure it wasn't such a drastic change. i would never make fun of anyone based on how they look with glasses on.
    hahaha @ the suit

  2. Well People look extremely odd with glasses when they don't usually wear them.

  3. PS:Cool,awesome drawings. I <3 ed them all.

  4. Your drawings are fabulous! I love looking at pictures be it in a blog post or a book or newspaper. Start with them then the writing. :P

    I agree with Hamza, if you're not used to someone wearing / not wearing glasses and then they do / don't, it can be quite a o_O moment.


  5. LOL.. i can SO relate to this post. :P

  6. @ Furree Kat: haha thaank youu :)
    my friends are just the brutally honest sort, i guess, plus, some of them enjoy teasing. i'm actually okay with it, i tease back. if it had been someone i don't know, that i would have taken offensively. I do have friends that kinda defended me, however,
    "noo, she doesn't look THAT weird.."
    but really, it's hard to find people in this world as genuinely nice as you are. <3

    @ Hamza bin Laden AND Nas: ( I am replying to your comments together because you said basically the same thing, not because i appreciate either of you any less)
    thank you :) it's fun making drawings with the writing, plus it makes it more colourful. i love colour. (I wish spell check would stop telling me to spell colour without the U)

    And that's not always true, I have a few friends who look exactly the same with or without glasses. when they don't wear glasses, i don't even remember that they've ever worn them, but that just be my brain malfunctioning again.
    i also have a friend who's never worn glasses before and just started wearing them who looks exactly the same, too.
    it's just me. how unfair is that?

    @ Felicity: haha finally someone who can understand my predicament! :p

  7. Aww haha. Yeah, I agree with Furree! That was mean! And I doubt its that bad. Glasses look good sometimes :)

  8. @ Chocolate milk: haha im not sure if i look good or bad without glasses, tbh. :p
    i went to the park yesterday, and these little girls who i'm friends with( yes, im friends with 6 year olds) asked me to take off my glasses. when i did, they laughed.
    it's strange.

  9. Haha aww :P Naah, they probably laughed because they're not used to seeing you without glasses. 6 year olds are cool sometimes :P