Thursday, 26 May 2011

Coloured Hair, Ripped Jeans, and Creepy Perverts.

I love my Nana.

last summer, i had my hair streaked blue. I would have liked all blue hair but i didn't have the guts. but now i'm SO glad i didn't. Because in order to do that, the woman had to bleach my hair cuz it wouldn't show on dark hair.
What i didn't know, was that the blue would eventually fade.
it started to become green,and i was okay with that, but then it started to fade even more and now its yellow- like hay. it's horrible, and it makes my hair look really dry too.

But now my hair's grown a bit so it's mostly only at the ends.
i just pretend like it's not there, until someone points it out to me. Yes, i KNOW my hair is blonde, and i KNOW it looks bad, thank you for telling me.
one of my friends keeps telling me to dye it back to brown, but if i'm going to dye it again, its not going to be a boring colour like brown, i'm gonna dye it light blue, or green, or purple.

Another one of my friends has also taken to calling me Blondie. -.-

For some reason, my nana didn't notice my blondeness until a couple of days ago. Maybe he forgot about the blue hair?

I was just sitting next to him and he suddenly exclaims

"what happened? your hair is white! buddhi ho gayi ho!"
"yes,nana, don't you remember? its been this way for a year almost!"
"nahin nahin, yeh kaisay hua? "

He was so surprised at my hair, he went on about it for an hour approximately. it was quite funny.
funnier than it sounds written here.

I want to dye the tips of my hair light blue now. (yes, i know i just don't learn, but this way i can chop it off if it starts to fade)

my jeans are all really old, and starting to rip at the knees. I DON"T DO IT ON PURPOSE.

I really need to go to Zainab Market to buy some new jeans.

so today i wore one of my many old, ripped pairs of jeans and went to nana nani's house.
as soon as i sat, nana noticed the jeans.

"I don't know why your generation doesn't care about looking proper. you know I was watching a drama, and the hero was wearing phatti purani jeans. Aur main tou sirf soch raha tha kay why is the hero dressed like a beggar on the street? In my zamana, everybody wore shirt-and-trousers. there was no such thing as jeans, even. I have never worn a single pair of jeans in my life. Aaj kal tou I see these boys on motorcycles wearing phatti hui jeans and t-shirts with writing on the front and on the back!
main tou kehta hoon kay acha zamana tou gaya"

he made me promise never to wear those jeans again.

i couldn't tell him that people actually buy ripped jeans on purpose. i just couldn't.

I love my nana.

Something else happened recently.

i was reading someone's blog, and my khala asked me what i was doing. I told her i was reading someone's blog.
she asked me if i knew this person, and i said no.
then she asked if i spoke to her. I said i left comments sometimes.
she got really freaked out.
she said that this blogger was probably an old man, and that many people fell into this trap, and i shouldn't ever comment even though i didn't use my own name, because there is now advanced technology that could help people find me through the computer and that it was gravely dangerous.
i tried to tell her no one would make up a whole life, and that there's no way a 59 year old man could sound like a 17 year old girl.
She didn't listen, and insisted that this blogger was not a girl but someone trying to trap me, despite the blogger having a zillion followers,

I should keep my mouth shut sometimes.
I never got around to telling her that I write a blog, though. I feel slightly guilty now.

but because I usually always listen to my elders (whattay good little girl i am), i still ask you, if it is possible if you could in someway prove that you are not a creepy internet pervert, like him:

but you would tell me if you were, right?


  1. HEYYYY the same thing happened to my hair when i was 15, lol. i got blue highlights which faded to blonde because of the bleach. then i dyed my hair black.
    YOUR NANA IS TOO CUTE, awwwwwh.
    it's been ages since i wore ripped jeans. modesty B)

    and HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA which blogger is your mum talking about O.O
    i'm a 17 year old girl. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL *dies*

  2. I don't know but your doodle doesn't make the yellow streaks look that bad.

    Lol @ how your aunt freaked out.
    I'm 20. Why couldn't you be reading a 20 saal ki bandi ka blog? Haye. Sad.

    ps: I just realized I keep forgetting my age.

  3. I agree with AcetylCholine above, the hair doesn't look that bad in your drawings :P

    Haha. Awh, you're nana sounds awesome :P. I'm not a fan of ripped jeans tbh. 8-).

    Who was this 17 year old blogger that your aunty gave you a lecture about?

    LOL @ your last picture :P. High heels on a fat guy? Tauba, are you sure they wont break?

    Take care.

  4. :DDDDD

    Your aunt = MY MOM

    Seriously! My mom does the same stuff!! She goes crazy!!

    "Who is this person? It's probably a rapist!"

    ANYTHING I do, my mom somehow gets a rapist involved.

    I'm going shopping? "Stay away from rapists!"
    I'm attending after-school math prep? "Make sure the teacher isn't a rapist!"
    I'm walking home? "Don't talk to rapists!"
    I pass policemen? "THEY'RE PROBABLY RAPISTS!!"


    Yeah. So.

  5. DRAWING=Cool.
    and I agree with AC and Nas.The hair doesn't look Bad.

    -Ripped Jeans.My Parent's favorite topic.

    -I'm a 17yr old too.BTW who was the 17yr old girl, blogger you got this lecture ABOUT ?

    LOL @Eeshie's comment.

  6. @ Furree Katt: You got you hair dyed blue too?
    high five! :D
    I have this other pair of jeans with holes in them, and since i don't particularly like holey jeans, I covered the inside part of the hole with coloured cloth, so it kinda looks like i'm wearing multicoloured tights underneath.

    haha yes, it was you. She also said that he had put up somebody else's pictures :p

    @ Acetyl Choline: it may not look bad in the doodle, but have you seen those old aunties who dye their hair blonde?
    picture that. now it looks bad, dunnit? :p
    blonde hair is just not meant for brown people.

    and I read your 20 saal wali ki blog all the time.
    who knew 20 year olds could be so interesting? ;p

    It's understandable, memory loss is a common occurrence with old age. :p

    @ Nas: i don't like ripped jeans either, but i can't help it if they do rip. i should probably be more careful with my clothes, but jeans are supposed to be the only clothes you don't have to be careful about ruining. I even draw on mine.
    Fat people have a low center of gravity, so balance easily, ensuring that he won't fall.
    as for the breaking, i'm sure he keeps extra pairs in his closet. :p

    @Eeshie: LOL.
    For some reason, i think parents in america worry WAY more than they do here.

    I have a friend who moved to america, and she lives in almost the same place as my cousins, so
    we decided we would meet, and i was really excited. she came to pick me up with her parents, to go to a mall, but then my aunt refused to let me go without meeting her parents first, and then they had to sit for like half an hour, talking. It was all very awkward.
    here, i'm allowed to go to friends' houses even if my parents have never heard of them before.

    @ hamza Bin Ladin: thank you :)
    and surprisingly, my parents don't give me much grief about clothes. they have probably just accepted the fact that the only things i will wear in the house are either my pajamas or my purani si jeans. although, i am forced to change when we go out somewhere.

    YAY for 17 year olds! i'm 17, too!
    we should form a club :p
    it was Furree.

    ALSO, are you Muhammad Hamza? it's very confusing.

    @ Felicity: I love him too!
    he's the bestest.

  7. My full name is Muhammad Hamza Ali.:)

  8. because the person following me is Muhammad Hamza, and you are Hamza bin Ladin.
    so you are two people.
    there are so many Muhammads/Mohammads!
    in my physics exam, there was a whole room full of Mohammads, and then me and a couple of other girls with the same name.

  9. I am a creepy internet pervert. But I'm only interested in female gorillas, so you are safe.

  10. Gorilla Bananas: Whattay relief. My heart went thud at the first part.

  11. Hahaha! Great post! :)

    Wow, blue streaks are so awesome. Green isnt bad either :P
    Cool nana! My nani is sort of like that, with the whole looking proper thing.


  12. @Chocolate milk: haha thank youuu :)

  13. Why are you so cool.
    You don't have a shoutbox that's why I'm leaving a third comment over her :P
    You are so cute,adorable and super duper awesome to read all the posts you missed and also comment on each and everyone of them.<3