Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bad Chick-Flicks Make Me Laugh.

Has anyone else noticed how all of Taylor Swift's videos are like mini chick flicks? not the bad ones though.Sometimes i like watching the videos, even if i don't like the song.


I have read all of the Twilight books but it was so long ago, i don't remember them.

When the movie Twilight came out and everybody was all excited about it, and making a huge fuss about how utterly brilliant it was, i borrowed it from a friend to watch. I could not get through the first half hour. It was awful. it was one of the worst movies i had ever seen. and in the part where he was supposed to sparkle ( i fast forwarded to see it), he didn't even really sparkle properly. you had to look really hard to see it.

Then, when New Moon came out, I resolved not to watch it. There was an even bigger fuss because of how hot Taylor Lautner was.

A Facebook Status: "I just want Taylor Lautner to step out of the screen and carry me away in his huge biceps."

One of my friends even has a t-shirt with his face on it.

I still refused to watch it.

Yesterday, it was coming on TV, so i decided to just watch it to see the hotness everyone gushed about.

"i didn't like the first one, either, but this one had ONLY Jacob in it. you HAVE to watch it!" - another friend

I sat through the movie for over half an hour, in which he only appeared once, and didn't even look that hot (long  hair doesn't suit him) so i decided to wait a while longer cuz he probably looked better with short hair.
but when i got to the part where bella was begging edward not to leave--practically on her knees-- I got so disgusted that i HAD to close the television.
that girl has no spine, and no self respect, and not even a real character.
and I don't know why edward keeps saying things aren't her fault when they very obviously are.


I went for lunch with a couple of friends of mine (despite my exams STILL not being over. their's finished a while back) and when we went to the bathroom to wash our hands make sure our hair wasn't a giant mess (mine always is, so i didn't really bother trying to fix it), one of them suddenly exclaimed
"Ooh! lets take a bathroom picture"

err.. no thank you. i volunteered to be the photographer. Every single one of those pictures ends up on facebook. why would you want to advertise how often you go to the bathroom to the rest of the world? what is so special about it?

This is an actual screen shot.

and then she said
" Ooh! lets take a CLASSIC mirror picture!"

again.. errr.. how to explain to an enthusiastic teenage girl whose exams have just ended that mirror pictures are NOT classic and that I hate don't really like them?
I couldn't exactly get out of this one, though, so i just decided to grin and bear it. (hehe.. pun)


Sometimes, i really do love my sister.
she baked these awesome brownies from scratch today. they taste SO good!
And she ALWAYS lets me lick the batter bowl. yum.
I told her I loved her in a moment of batter-licking bliss.

She said: 
" Me too! it's because i'm just so awesome."

She baked me brownies. couldn't exactly argue there. i did make a scoffing type noise, though.

My stomach hurts.


Read this book.
You must you must you must.

it's one of the bestest books EVER.
it's really awesome.
And its also BIG.
I love it.


If you enjoy reading lots and lots and are on goodreads, tell me, and i'll add you.
if you're not on goodreads, and you love reading, then here's a link. 
JOIN the site.
basically, its a place you can find lots of new books to read, see what your friends are reading, and what books they recommend, read reviews by other people, write your own reviews, list all the books you want to read, and the books you've read, rate books, etc.
it's pretty awesome.


Post Script:
Everything has changed. your eyes are not deceiving you.
I just get bored really easily. It took forever to figure out how to change it.


  1. I've not read or seen Twilight, don't plan to either any time soon. 8-)

    LOL @ your screenshot from FB. That made me chuckle.

    Brownies are awesome! And I think your sister has just gotten 10 awesome points.

    A fine balance. Amazing book indeed! I read it in 2 days. It's quite something.

    Best of luck with the exams.


    i don't listen to Taylor Swift, and usually whenever her music videos are on TV, i change the channel. :P
    i read all the books from the Twilight saga way before the first movie released. back in those days it was a pretty good series with an interesting plot line, the hype about the movies ruined it i think.
    BATHROOM PICTURES ARE WEIIIRRRDDD. the only bathroom picture i took was in the Teacher's Bathroom in my school, just to show off the privileges i get haha. i LOLed so hard on your screenshot! you haz super paint skillz.
    yay for brownies ♥

  3. Haha! Omg, you're right. All of Taylor's videos ARE mini Chick Flicks haha. You know, the last thing I ever wanted to read was a stupid book about vampire love. But my friends (female friends, ofcourse) forced me to. So, eventually I had to read them. Twilight sucked. New moon was alright. Eclipse wasnt bad. Breaking Dawn was fairly interesting.
    The movies were pointless, and they didnt have to be released. The extreme hype and excitement made it worse.
    Anyway, haha yeah, bathroom shots ARE weird especially when there is actually a toilet seat in the background, which I have seen MANY times hahahaha! Honestly. Awesome paint drawing XD
    Brownies <3

  4. WHY did you have to mention Twilight and New Moon! WHY! :(

    I always volunteer to be the photographer in photos that have the potential to be classified as embarrassing photos. I even have a full album of such embrrassing photos in my facebook of my classfellows and batch-mates. Ha. I love myself.

  5. I agree with the Taylor Swift part. TRUE THAT!
    And yeah, I have never been a twilight/New Moon/Eclipse fan! NEVER.
    Hahahah and yes, Bathroom are sucky.
    Plus, I just noticed that your paint skills are awesome. :O
    And um, I love this blog. ♥ and I love brownies too. ♥

  6. I agree with the Taylor Swift part. TRUE THAT!
    And yeah, I have never been a Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse fan. NEVER!
    I just realized, your paint skills are good (at least, better than me). :O Wow man!
    And hahahaha, bathroom shots are sucky. LOL.
    I love the blog. ♥ And I love brownies too. ♥

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  8. I love the new template.It's awesome.SUPERB.

  9. heyyyy !! i lovvve ur twilight review..btw i dun like bella too..n teh movie is getting more unreal n predictable as teh sequels r coming on...

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  10. @Nas: thats a smart move on your part, not watching the movies :p

    Isn't it just the best? I love you for reading it and loving it as much as i do. you're my favouritest :)

    @Furree Katt: thank youu :D
    you don't like any of her songs? i admit some, like love story get on my nerves, but there are a few that i really like.
    I'm not quite sure what ruined it for me. i liked the stories when i first read them, but i started rereading the first one a while ago and i hated it.
    haha thenkzz, you have some pretty superior paint abilities yourself :p

    @chocolate milk: if i had to put them in order of badness, i'd say new moon, twilight, then breaking dawn.
    i haven't put eclipse in there cuz i don't remember it AT ALL.
    the movies were pointless, and I didn't like the acting, but no one agrees with me there, for some reason.
    thanks you :)

    @Acetyl Choline: i am truly sorry. forgive me?
    haha smart move. thou art truly awesome.
    i love you too <3

    @Maryam: thaank youu! :D
    i used to like the books, once upon a time. but i have now seen the light! :p

    @Hamza Bin ladin: thank you :)
    that is much appreciated. it took ages to figure it out :p

    @CATGIRL !!: hehe agreed :p
    I need to be studying now, but i will when i get the time :)

  11. Hahaha you're really funny! :D
    Taylor Swift irritates me as well. EVERY SINGLE SONG she sings is about a guy. I mean, I like guys too, but I refuse to bring them up 24/7.
    Blech, I hated Twilight. I bought the book and thought it was lame. Everyone told me that New Moon was a rip-off, so I bought Eclipse in hope that the plot would get better but it didn't. After that, I didn't even bother seeing the movie. Taylor Lautner is not hot at all. He has a puny boy face. Girls only like him for his body. :x
    Bathroom pictures are so stupid. Especially when you turn the flash on. Every teenage girl does that. -_-
    YUMMY, BROWNIES! ♥ Sorry about that. I'm an average weight girl who loves all kinds of food.
    I love big books, so I'll try to convince my dad to get the one you were talking about, right after I Wikipedia search what it's about. :P

  12. Bahah I love your drawings, they're freakin' awesome.
    And OMG how can you NOT like Twilight? The books AND movies are awesome and I just can beli- HAHAHAHAHAHHA nah I couldn't say that with a straight face. I'm sorry.

    Carry on.

  13. Pictures of people's faces when they're having a dump might be quite interesting. Someone should start a blog on that theme.

  14. @ Beyond Timid: haha thank youu :)
    I agree with you there, but a few of her songs aren't bad.
    :X <-- i don't know what that face means.
    i know right? i don't know why they think they're so cool when they do that.
    ooh yess read itt. its awesome :D

    @Ash: Dude, i read the first part of that and i was like "err.. how am i supposed to respond to this..?"
    and the i read the rest and LOLed.
    that was funny. :p

    and thaaankk youu :D
    YOU are freakin' awesome.

    @Gorilla Bananas: LOL. yeah,that would be pretty interesting. i'd follow it. :p