Monday, 30 January 2012

Disregard this. It will only bore you.

This is for me, so you don't need to read this. Because when I blog about things, it always makes me feel better.

I need to stop omegle-ing. Because I'm strangely addicted to it. And because I can't stop thinking about the people I meet on there.

I met a girl from Taiwan, who taught me about tennis, and taught me that Nadal is basically the best tennis player on the planet. She was pretty awesome. She made me promise that I would remember her whenever I watched a tennis match (which is unlikely, but still.) so I'm writing this here so I don't forget to remember her.
then I met this boy from the UK, Alex, and we talked about ESP and stuff, and he was really cool and weird because he likes helping people with math homework. But i love weird people. I thought it was pretty cool his name's Alex, cuz I named one of the characters in my story that.

I also met three people who really really ended up depressing me.
The first was someone who said that he had three years to live. I was pretty skeptical about this, but this person kept saying it was true and told me stuff about his/her life, and I got really really upset because (s)he said (s)he wouldn't live to see his/her 19th birthday. It was probably a combination of extreme sleepiness and being so sad for him/her that I started shaking, and I couldn't stop. Because it was a really sad story he told.
I'm still not sure whether it was the truth or not, but it still upsets me.
The second started off like a normal conversation, and then she said I'm lonely cuz my boyfriend's gone, and I asked why, and she said he'd gone out with his best friend to celebrate his birthday and she was babysitting the best friends daughter because there was so much stuff happening and his wife died. and it was just really really sad.
The third was a girl who told me she was raped when she was younger and ran away when she was 14 and lived on the streets and now basically lives a double life. Its sounded really strange, like something out of a fiction novel, not real. but she seemed really sincere. It sounded as if she was just venting.

I met all these people in just two days. When I was talking to them, I just felt so unbelievably upset and guilty because its not fair that i have the life that I do and they don't and it was just all terrible luck. I prayed for all of them, even if they don't believe in God.
has anyone else met people with awful stories on Omegle, or is this just God trying to show me how grateful I should be for my life? because I am grateful. Extremely grateful.

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  1. LOL OhMyGod I'm strangely addicted to Omegle tooo. haha I once I met this guy who was all oh I can't get dates cuz I have some disease, my legs don't work, no one wants to go out with me, so I come on Omegle to get some virtual-action. And I kept asking him what his disease was called and he kept avoiding the question, going all 'you-don't-believe-me, you-don't-believe-me. My life is so sad. People think I'm a freak and you don't believe me' and I was all dude just tell me the name. So he did, after about a bajillion years and disconnected. I googled what he said he had. It. Didn't. Exist. -__-