Tuesday, 14 June 2011


I love driving, even though i have kind of figured out i'm not really good at it. Twice, i have stopped in the middle of the street, and the first time, i got really stressed out cuz there was a car standing in front that was stuck because of me. Today, however, i figured out that you have to push down on the accelerator before letting go of the clutch. that helped.

My dad is a very calm person, and for this, i am very fortunate, cuz if he had shown any stress during the stuck in the middle of the road thing, i would have probably freaked out, but when i parked the car, i looked over at him, and he was COVERED in sweat.

i asked him what was wrong and he replied:

" tum nay tou mujhay tension main daal dia hai. mera bura haal ho rahay hai."
that was funny. Becharay abba.

Today, when i exited the car, i did the lock-the-car-with-a-button-over-your-shoulder-thing. I felt very cool. i wish i had had sunglasses and a leather jacket. it didn't make the beep beep sound, but still.


It was my cousin's manghni day before yesterday! She's my first (close) cousin to get engaged and we're all mega excited. :D
the manghni, however, was filled with a bazillion people and lots of noise, and i don't really like people. I'm not a very social person, and i can't handle so many people at one time. 

I stuck to a cousin, and I am SO glad she was there.

But I did have to meet truckloads of people, and meeting people I haven't seen in a while is very awkward for me. i never know what to say.

there were so many people who came up to me and told me how much i had grown up, or how nice i looked and stuff.

I just smiled awkwardly and mumbled thanks and looked for an escape route.

I don't take compliments really well. they make me slightly uncomfortable.

One distant cousin came up to me, and said:

"HIIII!! I haven't seen you in soo long! You've grown so much. I remember the last time i saw you you were in pigtails and glasses, telling me why you didn't wanna be a doctor! and now you look so pretty, you've completely blossomed!"

She actually said blossomed. She looked at me expectantly, waiting for a reply, and i just laughed awkwardly, said thankyou and pretended i just remembered i had to say something really important to my mum, and left. it was AWKWARD.

These situations are always awkward. People are just not my thing.

It's the same with new people or people i don't know very well. i'm not very good at small talk, so once the other person's done talking, i never know what to SAY, so i pretend to get distracted by something else.
I also never know where to look. If the other person is talking for a long time, i feel weird staring at their eyes for so long, so i pretend that my fingernail hurts and lookk at it, or i'll look at a person passing by.
How do normal people do this?

I don't know HOW i made any of my friends. 

When i'm around people i'm comfortable around, however,  i can talk properly, and i never have to worry about where to look. Apparently, i talk a lot.
One of my friends told me:

"You know, you talk too much. what you could say in a minute, you stretch out and say in 5 minutes, and waste 4 minutes of everone's lives"

Also, when i'm really excited about something, or just really hyper, i can talk a lot no matter who i'm talking to.
I also talk really fast. 
I was at a friends place a couple of days ago, and i was really hyper cuz we had just had lotsa donuts, so i was talking really fast, and when i stopped, they all stared at me for a bit, and then one of them told me I could be a rapper.


I LOVE TO SWIM. It's one of the best forms of exercise. 

The only problem with swimming are pruny fingers, and the vent type things at the bottom of pools. I loathe swimming over the vents. i'm always terrified that they're gonna suck me in with the water like a whirlpool, and i'm going to drown and die. 

After reading that Dan Brown book in which he described drowning (i'm not sure which one), i am completely covinced that it's the absolute worst way to go. Besides being tortured or stoned to death I mean.

The showers at the place i go to swim are amazing, cuz the water pressure is so high, it's like a massage.

However, i tend to sing in the shower. a lot. Whenever, i take a shower, i sing at the top of my voice, so i always have to remember not to sing in the shower after swimming. But sometimes i forget, and i feel very awkward when i get out, and i have to avoid glances of aunties and get out of the bathroom as fast as possible.


I have had this song stuck in my head for two days, and i can't get it out. so i'm going to get it stuck in your head, too.
Click the play button.

Some people end their posts so awesomely. My posts always and abruptly. Oh well.


  1. Everybody I come across is learning how to drive and here I am, an old lady, who still hasn't touched the clutch and gear!

  2. Have you been to karaoke place? You could practice singing and cure your shyness of strangers at the same time.

    Driving is the coolest thing ever. I want to learn that soon.
    I don't really like gatherings with unknown people too. Its weird to make eye contacts and to face them specially when you don't know how to reply.
    Haha, I love swimming too and trust me, you wont drown and die if you know the basics.
    Singing in the shower is fun but awkward at the same time when you realize how people are listing to the terrible voice.
    Omg, I love your doodles! You are so good at it.

  4. You make really cute drawings...
    Long drives and rains make an awesome combo... try it once you learn driving good :)

  5. DRIVIINNGGGGGG oh my goddd how awesome.
    i totally love the lock-the-car thing haha EPIC!
    shaadi-related functions are the bane of my existence. i hate socializing, especially with people whom i haven't seen in 28391294 years. and i'm not used to compliments haha.
    I CAN'T SWIM :(
    and ohhhhh, you have to see Final Destination 4, there's this part where a guy is swimming and he gets sucked into the vent and he explodes into a million pieces and blood explodes out of him volcano-eruption style. muahahaha

    P.S. I LOVE YOU. ♥

  6. When I get complimented, it is almost always followed by a pregnant pause. It actually lasts for a full 9 months.

    I always mess up words when I'm speaking.

    Your rapper look is so cool.

  7. Hahaha, I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED this post. It had to be in caps to emphasize how much I liked it. Hahah

    I think that Dan Brown book was Angels and Demons, when the assassin was trying to kill Langdon.
    Hahah! I get all awkward with people I'm seeing after a very long time tooo! I too, dont have stuff to say. Its weird because sometimes I dont even remember who they are, and they go like, "Kitneyy barayy ho gayyeyy hoo! Mein tumhe yaad hoon na?" And im all like "Uhh..." hahaha.

    Awesome post!

  8. @ Tazeen: haha its okayy. you can always drive an automatic. no clutch and gear to worry about. :)

    @Gorilla Bananas: I really want to, but its not so much my making a fool of myself in front of strangers as it is actually speaking to them. i make a fool of myself in front of strangers all the time.

    @maryam: Thankkss! You make me feel happy :D
    i know, right? i'm glad other people feel the same way.
    I do know the basics, but a vent sucking in everything like a black hole is always scary.
    its plain embarrassing when you realize people are listening :p
    and thenks :)

    @Aakash: thank youu :)
    and i intend to as soon as i get my licence, or before, monsoon season is soon :)

    @Furree Katt: It really was epic, you have no idea hoe awesome it felt :D
    Haha youre just like mee!! :DD
    except for the not swimming thing, you should totally learn, you never know when it might come in handy. what if you wake up one day in the middle of an ocean?
    Aye hai, thanks for that, furree, you have just multiplied my fears. i've watched the 1st and 3rd movies. so GORY. fun to watch and scream with friends, though.

    @AcetylCholine: I just imagined a baby with awkward powers. a superpower that can make everyone in the vicinity feel super awkward. i even imagined his superhero suit. it is orange.

    I mess up my words too, I'm always stumbling over sentences.

    thank you :) tell me what to doodle and i'll happily doodle a doodle for you. :D

    @chocolatemilk: Thankksss mann :D
    yeah, that's probably the one. it's my favouritest out of all the books, though i haven't read it in a really long time cuz i can't find mine :(
    that happens to me, too! though sometimes I just say outright "sorry, I don't remember who you are" with a sheepish smile.
    Nobody seems too upset :p

  9. This was a great post!
    The whole clutch lifting and foot control takes practice. If you can drive in Pakistan you deserve kudos. I just of the drivers there and one word comes to mind; Tauba :P.

    The wedding. LOL. Some people such awkward stuff. Esp the aunties, the come up to you, squeeze your cheeks really hard, and say "itney baray ho gaye ho beta".
    Well duh, I wasn't exactly gonna shrink 8-).

    You rapper pic was the best yet. Ahhhh, when I write a doodleable post, I'm getting you to doodle for me! Tell AcetylCholine to go away. I asked first!

    Swimming is great! and singing in the shower FTW *hi5*

    Take care, stay smiling!

  10. Mission accomplished by getting that song stuck in my head...

    PS: I can't swim. Like, at all. Fajor mail. I'm like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory - I know the THEORY, but I just can't put it into practise...

  11. I had a lot of trouble learning to drive too. I got a head-start, so I ended up okay, though. But whenever I drove with my mom, she would always throw her hands on the dash like she was about to die just because I was going three miles over the speed limit.

    "Remember what I said my friend told me about drowning?"

    "He said it was like going home."

    "I lied. He said it was agony."

    I don't worry too much about drowning. If you ever think you're about to drown, try to calm down. Take deep, steady breaths.

  12. @Nas: thankss man :)
    lol i saw an old man walking on the road like 50 miles in front of me and i started freaking out. it was sunday morning, so there was zero traffic.
    I don't think im ready for karachi traffic juzt yet :p

    "Well duh, I wasn't exactly gonna shrink"
    ^ that made me laugh out loud :D

    haha don't worry, I'd love to doodle something for you. :D

    @Eeshie: why thank you :)

    @Ash: hahaha i'm not listening to that song again for a while :p
    it's okay, just don't go near any large water bodies and you should be fine
    sheldon is awesome.

    @That Blond Guy: LOL, parents just don't trust their kids to drive.
    although, honestly, i'm not sure i trust myself to drive :p
    its more of a fear of being sucked into the vents than anything else :p

    @Nas: I'm backkk :)
    and you rock, i love you :D

  13. What the hell! How did Nas get here first!?
    I was going to ask where you were as well but I think I slept on one of your posts after logging in to blogger. :(

  14. :).
    It's the thought that counts Miss ACh.