Thursday, 9 June 2011


My exams are officially OVER!
Do you know how long a month is? Actually,two months if you count the mocks.
You do not know, unless you've been giving exams for two months. it was pure TORURE.
My brain had turned to mush. Gooey mush. Gooey grey coloured squishy mush.
My Corpus Callosum and Hippocampus and Amygdala and Thalmus had all melted together to form gooey squishy grey mush.

The worst part was that the majority of my friends' exams were over.
I swear, the day before the last exam, i went crazy. I blew up at my sister for no reason, and started banging my head against the wall. Until I realized I was losing way more brain cells than I could afford. Brain cells that would not grow back.

loony me

But now i'm free. Like a bird. or a kangaroo. It's a good feeling.

Now, I can read as many blog posts as I want, without feeling guilty. I can write as much as I want, without feeling guilty. I can watch as much of The Big Bang Theory and Heroes as I want, without feeling guilty. I can Facebook as much as I want, without feeling guilty (as boring as it is, the ability to do this without feeling guilty is wonderful.). I can read as many books as I want, without feeling guilty. I can read as many Fictionpress stories as I want, without feeling guilty. I can watch as many movies as I want, without feeling guilty. I can draw, paint or doodle as much as I want, without feeling guilty.
I love my guiltless existence!

It's been so long, I don't think I can even remember what life was like without exams. But it feels amazing. Like a load has been lifted off my shoulders.


In other news, I DROVE TODAY.
In an actual car!
It was so awesome, I had been waiting for this day since forever.
my dad woke me up at five in the morning and took me to a parking lot, cuz, you know, there aren't any cars there at five in the morning, and I DROVE.
I felt so cool sitting there in front of the steering wheel with the car actually moving.
When I moved the seat all the way in front, I could see over the top of the car. I was relieved about this. I had been worried I wouldn't be able to see anything.
After all those years of climbing into the front seat when my dad left the car and pretending to drive.
I can actually drive now! well.. kinda.

I didn't realize it would be so difficult just starting the car.
It took me like four tries, but I think that's pretty good, considering it's my first time and all.
then I drove in circles around the parking lot in first gear until my dad got bored.
it was so AWESOME.
Tomorrow, I get to drive in second gear.
This is so exciting!


  1. Be careful not to run over a pigeon when you're in second gear or those guilty feeling might come back to haunt you.

  2. You are free. Now you can post more stuff.
    I have a car but I don't drive. That's how uncool I am.
    WHY do you draw so well?

    i am so happy for you. your drawings are funny duuude. and hooray for driving! i have no intention to learn driving at all, i'm way too lazy.
    and MEGA LOL @ Gorilla Bananas :D

  4. "Let freedom ring, here and now...ring the bells of freedom" - Bon Jovi, Bells of freedom. Awesome song :)

    I bet you've been over the moon and back a few times since the exams are over. Have fun!

    Your pictures are AMAZING! I might hire you one day :P And do you really have red hair? I remember you once doing a post about your hair colour changing...wait wait. It turned into straw colour right? I'm surprised I remember that considering how bad my memory is.

    Driving is AWESOME! I learnt pretty quick. But I guess everyone goes at their own pace. 2nd gear :D. Ohhh you'll be able to go up to 15 miles per hour. Waaah baahi waah :D.

    Have a lovely awesome weeeeekend!
    Take care, and stay smiling.

  5. FREEDOOMMM. Yayie. This is awesome! :D

    Driving? WOW. I am gonna learn that soon, very soon. I MUST.

    P.s I love your doodles. ♥

  6. CONgraTZ...!! fR da CAR thiNGy..!!
    dis feeelIng is sO much mOre versaTIle..!! u feel INDEPENDANt...!!

    anywayz nyc ryte-uP n da BLOg...!!


  7. Hiya :D

    My exams have been over since the first and all I've been doing is EATING :O

    But please do post more regularly, I like your blog! :D

    And and and I started driving lessons with my mum too, but stopped a while back. Phir shuru karnay hain.

  8. @gorilla bananas: Oh God. i'm not gonna go over 20 miles per hour now. that's enough time for it to get away. If it doesn't, it's a stupid pigeon and deserves to die.

    @AcetylCholine; yes, i am, and i will try :)
    i don't understand this. you say you have a car. but you don't drive? WHY? don`t you feel awesome sitting in front of the steering wheel?

    @Furree katt: haha thankss mann :D
    But driving is so mega awesomee! you have to learn. its so fun!

    nas: i just listened to it. It is an awesome song :D
    i love how you can think of a song of everything.

    haha i`d LOVE to be hired to DRAW. that would be awesome. i have a cousin who makes cartoons for a LIVING. its her job. i`m kinda jealous of her.

    yeah, buts of my hair are straw coloured but the rest is dark dark dark brown. i`m just too lazy to go to define custom colours and pick out a dark brown. doesn`t this colour look kinda like brown though?

    It IS awesome. :D but you must be a mega fast learner, cuz driving a stick shift is WAY harder than i ever could have imagined.

    I hope you have a brilliantly fantastically wonderful week :)

    Maryam: haha yes it is, even if i just sit at home and do nothing all day :p
    You`re only 14, though! my parents wouldnt let me near the wheel with the key in the ignition until a few days ago.
    Thank you :)

    Suvaiba: haha thank youu :) yeah it`s a pretty good feeling. :D

    FYF: Hey there :D

    it`s okayy, i`ve been eating ever since my exams ended too. but then, i ate a whole lot during my exams also, so its not really much of a difference.

    Thaaaaaank yoouuu, that means a lot :D I`ll try.

    Whydya stop driving? such fun it is.

  9. I love your post. Love the drawings!

    Came across your blog via two other blogs. This awesome! :D

    Oh. And I'm free too so yaay for us! :)

  10. Ahh. I know the feeling :D At points I feel like I have something to do, study basically, but then when I realize I dont have to, its like the fresh freedom feeling all over again hahaha.
    And yay for driving! I started learning about 6-7 months back. Now I drive my own car :D So dont worryyy, you shall be driving pretty well in just a few months. :D

    Btw, your paint skills continue to impress me.

  11. You drove a Manual! Cool. I was a underage driver too. *High fives*
    Your paint skills are unimaginably awesome. How about a deal? I teach you to drive in the high gears and in return you teach me paint? Okay? =D
    Cheers. Post more often.

  12. @Tazeen: Thankkk youuu :DDDD

    @Chocolatemilk: haha that feeling has finished for me :p
    it's so sad.
    nah, i don't think i'll be on the roads driving properly anytime soon. i don't think im very good at it.
    i think i'll join a driving school soon.
    thanksss, as does your awesomeness :D

    @hamza Bin Ladin: haha well technically, i'm not an underage driver, seeing as i'll be old enough to get my license in a couple of months, and im not exactly driving properly now :p
    i like this deal :) sure, why not?
    and i intend to.