Sunday, 24 April 2011


I seriously hate myself right now.
I'm SO frustrated with me. I want to scream
I had this opportunity to do something that I don't think i'd ever get again. EVERYONE told me to do it. that its a good experience. I had a day to reply to the email. I thought about it too much. and I replied too late. I COULD have done it sooner, but I'm a friggin IDIOT.
And I'm so jealous right now of the people who did  get selected for it.
I KNOW it's my own fault. And I KNOW that there's no point in feeling bad about it now, or thinking "what if..?" but I really cant help it. I was in a crabby mood all of yesterday because of it and there's this heavy, disappointed feeling in my gut. I wish it would go away.

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